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#1 Christmas Light Installation in Lake Oswego OR

Want Amazing Lights But Don't Have Time?

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Welcome to the place where dreams turn to reality! There is nothing as magical as having a custom, elegant light display during Christmas. Unfortunately, many Portland homeowners never get to experience this feeling. The second you purchase lights from a big box store, this magic begins to fade. Climbing up ladders in the cold and shimmying up peaks… Light strands ending halfway down rooflines… Bulbs going out… You are left with frustration, sadness, and possible hypothermia. We call this the “distraught decorator”. To prevent this, give us a call and see how we can turn your dreams into reality!

Benefits of our All Inclusive Christmas Light Installation Services

There is nothing more dreadful than pulling out the discombobulated “Christmas Stuff” box, climbing ladders in the Portland, OR rain, dealing with flaky store bought bulbs, AND having to take them down. This is where the Professionals come in! Providing an All-Inclusive service, we take the work out of decorating and allow you to enjoy Christmas to the fullest with beautiful, custom-fitted lights on your home and landscape.

With the harsh environment of Portland OR, there is a possibility of bulbs going out during the season. Unlike other installers, we do not charge you for these inconveniences. We provide every install with a Go-Out Guarantee! The second you notice a flaky bulb, give us a call and we will fix it within 48 hours.

Owned and Operated by Blue Heron Services, you are guaranteed that we will be around next
year. Not only that, we provide every client with discounted quotes for all of our cleaning
services! Want to learn more about Blue Heron Services? Click Here!

#1 Professional Christmas Light Installation Lake Oswego OR

Make Your Home The Talk Of The Neighborhood

How The Holiday Light Professionals Compares To Other Christmas Lighting Companies

Free Custom DesignAll Supplies Included100% Warrantied InstallationFree Maintenance Calls IncludedRemoval and Storage Included
General Handymen
Lighting Contractors
Lighting Companies
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Free Custom Design
All Supplies Included
100% Warrantied Installation
Maintenance Calls Included
Removal & Storage Included
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Get the best Christmas Light installation in just 3 easy steps

We Provide The Highest Quality Christmas Lighting In Clackamas County Area

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately we do not Install lights the homeowner already has. We take pride in warranting every service that we provide. We do this by only providing & installing our highest-quality lights.
Although this rarely is a problem with our “Weather-Proof” LED bulbs, Oregon’s winters can get pretty nasty & intense. This is why we provide a Go-Out Guarantee with every Install. Just give us a call and your problem will be fixed within 48 hours!
Every Install is different based on the Home & Chosen Design. However, our average ticket is $1500 and we have a minimum of $799.
We are Partnered with Blue Heron Services. They are a full-time Exterior Cleaning Company. Their Highly-Trained Staff join our team during they’re slow season. This creates a reliable and self-sustaining environment for both of our businesses to flourish!
Great Question! We have a multitude of ways to cut-down the price! We have a Early Elf Discount (Install Prior to Nov. 1st), A Jolly Client Discount (For Returning Clients), and A Spread the Word Discount! (Post on Social Media) With all 3 combined, you can get up to 15% OFF!

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